Strappy tops, blouses with plunging necklines and a trend towards accentuating the shoulder have all combined to make necklaces a must-have accessory this summer.

It is one of fashion’s often overlooked secrets. While most clothing and jewellery designs tend to favour the other parts of the body, the shoulders and neck receive second billing in the fashion stakes. The only way that clothing accentuates the clavicles and neck is with off shoulder clothing or neckline detailing. However, it is possible to emphasise the neck and shoulders without recourse to plunging necklines or open shoulders.

Jewellery like necklaces can do the trick equally well – and make you look really classy in the bargain. Necklaces, whether slim or chunky, tend to draw attention to the neck and throat, and if the detailing on the neckpiece is intricate or if the necklace is long, then also on the shoulders and breasts. You will find that a coloured necklace with bold accents can be the one fashion accessory that elevates a plain shirt and trouser ensemble to a really stylish level.

Have you bought new necklaces lately? Here’s why you should:

* They are always stylish. Necklaces never go off the fashion radar, since they are an essential styling accessory for all ensembles. Whether you wear a high-necked ruffled blouse or a floaty chiffon dress with thin shoulder straps, a necklace completes your look like nothing else can.

* They look great on everybody. Unlike clothing which is designed to flatter different body types, jewellery does not have a sizing problem at all. The only thing to watch out for when buying a necklace is to check its length and design detail, so that it offers a suitable contrast with your clothing without sticking out like a sore thumb. But by and large, there’s scarcely an occasion when a certain necklace doesn’t complement your ensemble.

* They are available in many materials. This is a versatile piece of jewellery that is available in many materials and forms. Necklaces are made of wood, oxidised metal, cloth, thread, sterling silver, pure gold, platinum, even glass. Pick the necklace as per the clothing and occasion. Check the length and the clasping detail before you buy.

* You can buy them online. Another great thing about rocking the necklace trend this summer, is that you can easily buy a wide range of designs online. Leading fashion sites in the country offer various designs at good prices. You can get many discounts and cash back offers when you pick necklaces and other jewellery during festive sales online.

That’s our easy primer on why you should stock up on necklaces and other jewellery this season – go on, get shopping today!

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