The best handbag is the perfect complement to your amazing wardrobe. Every woman wants to carry the top notch bags in the crowd. A good bag should be fashionable, durable and functional as well. There are so many varieties of bags available in the market that it gets really hard to choose the best one for you.

Every brand has its own style and color combination. The functionality of the bags also varies from brand to brand and even in the models of the bags as well. When you go to purchase a bag, apart from the looks and style, also make sure that the bag is durable and has the features you are looking for. We have compiled a list of top notch bags that will fit right into every woman’s choice of bags.

Christian Dior:

This brand has been active in the market since 1946. The bags from this brand are known for the top stylish bags available in the market. Though the quality is unmatchable, the price of these bags is also very high. Christian Dior is considered as one of the finest luxury brands and it uses the finest material in the construction of the bags which ensure comfort and style.


This is one of the oldest and most expensive brands in the market. The bags by Burberry have evolved perfectly with time. The company makes sure that the latest designs match the ongoing trends in the luxury fashion market. The company launches a number of different bags every year to keep the customers on the edge of their seats.


This Indian brand was launched in 2010. The company proudly states that they make bags for the real girls and not for the celebrities. With unique craftsmanship, soft touch material, durability, and variety in colors, this brand has made its way to the top brands for bags in the market.


Kara makes an extensive range of bags for women. The bags are available in a large number of colors and styles. The brand has only two dedicated outlets but the bags are available in multi-brand stores as well. The bags belong to a mid-range price tag thus they are affordable as well.

The house of Tara:

If you are looking for digital and funky designs that go perfectly with the college life and casual office setup then this bag brand is exclusively meant for you. The style, patterns, and designs are unique and often not available in any other brands. As the products are different from the usual style of bags, the demand is much higher than you can expect.


Launched by Nina Lekhi, this brand was introduced in the market back in 1990. Baggit handbags are considered as the finest among the luxury bags that come in an affordable price range. The bags are famous on an international platform and the designs of the bags are unique. The Baggit bags are known for a fashion statement.

The number of choices for handbags is beyond imagination. You have to be very careful while choosing the right bag for yourself so that you can enjoy it for a long period of time.