Many brands and types of strollers are available in the market today and it is confusing to choose one. When from a store, the salesman might explain the nuances of all strollers and will mostly guide you to the most profitable one and will not want to know your likings and wants.

How To make the right choice.

Choosing a stroller for your baby is similar to buying a car for yourself.  Many features need to be considered for safety and comfort of your baby and also if it fits your budget. The following tips might provide you with some knowledge to guide yourself.

1.  Safety features

A  five-point system, so that your baby remains strapped on to the stroller should be the first priority. Cushioning the harness will add a little comfort for the baby. Pinch points will make your baby get stuck, and could also result in jamming the tiny fingers or toes. Avoiding them is the best thing for your baby. Also, keep an eye out for brakes or wheel locking system. They will come handy when you need to lock those wheels for a quick stop, or a chat with a friend.

2.  Utility

Your lifestyle should decide the utility of the stroller. If it is for strolling on roads then you need strollers with sturdy air-filled wheels and good shock absorbers, and also well-cushioned seats. This might make your stroller a little bulkier but keeps your baby well cushioned. If it is for an occasional trip to the mall for shopping, a compact, foldable strollers will fit the bill. Also, make sure it fits inside your car. Chico Bravo is a well-known baby stroller manufacturer, find more about this brand on the internet.

  1. Quality

Cushioning adds to the comfort level of your baby’s seating. Make sure, the material used is of proper quality, with many options in the market to choose from. Seating position also matters depending on your ease with the baby. Where there are options of the baby facing you or away. Sometimes there are both options with a switching feature.

Folding System also determines the ease of handling. Strollers that require you to separate the seat from the frame isn’t advisable for a solo parent. If it is solo trips that you prefer, a stroller that requires only one hand to fold it down, while the baby is in the other, is what you need. Also, the stroller needs to be lightweight, so that you can pick it up and pack in the car boot.

  1. Add ons

Some strollers provide a snack tray with them others need to be added. This will help you in case you have to feed your baby in the middle of a walk or such activity.

Strollers can be accessorised with many options such as Sun Canopy, Rain Cover, Wind cover, Storage Basket, Pockets, Parent Tray, iPod holder, Speakers, Converts to diaper changing station, Extendable handlebar etc. Choose those that are important and fit your budget.

5.      Handling

As a parent, you also need to be comfortable with handling the stroller. Having ensured that the stroller is safe for your baby, you should push it around to check for a good grip on the handlebars and also make sure they are strong. Easy access to brakes is also necessary. Strollers with entire travel systems, like a car seat and bassinet are available. Evaluating all the safety features on these as well will be required from a parent.