It is often said that first impression is the last impression. First impression is always a visual impression, which is the most important thing that will leave a mark on the mind of the person that you will be meeting. You should always prefer to style yourself in the best possible way.

Suits play a very important role in making you look good and presentable. Roger Labonte Sherbrooke is the best boutique, which will offer you suits that will enhance your outlook. You can choose the best suit according to your preference and budget.

Here are a certain things that you must check before purchasing a suit:

  1. Check the size and fit of the suit

This is one of the most important things to keep in mind before making a purchase. The suit should fit your body properly. The shoulders pad should be in place and not hanging off your shoulder. Also, check whether the suit is giving you a clean and decent look.

  1. Check the fabric of your suit

Choose the fabric of your suit according to the event on which you are planning to wear it. If you wish to wear a suit on a wedding or functions then man made fabric will work well for you as it gives your suit a bit of shinny tone. However, if the purpose is strictly professional then you must opt for cashmere or cashmere-blended suits as they give proper luxury look.

  1. Check for the price

After you have decided on what you are going to purchase, you must look for its price. Price of the suit should be in accordance to the quality of the fabric used to make it. Higher the price of the suit better is the construction and fabric. Do not compromise on the quality of the suit for a little lower price.

  1. Check the length of the jacket and sleeves

The length of the jacket should be such that it covers your back really well and sleeves of the jacket should be till the wrist. If the length of the suit is proper, your appearance will look clean and tidy.


A proper suit will give an authentic look to your personality. Therefore, it is important to style your suit in the best possible way. All the above mentioned points will help you get the best suit.