When buying an engagement ring, make sure that you choose one that will complement your partner’s hand by looking at their finger length, width, and the other jewellery that they wear.

Image Source: Pixabay

Getting engaged is incredibly exciting, but you want to make sure that you propose with a ring that your significant other will love. Nothing will be more disappointing than finding out that you carefully chose a ring for her only to see that it does not compliment her hand and that she is not happy wearing it. By considering the shape of her fingers, as well as her personal style, you can easily choose a ring that she is sure to love and that will look amazing on her.

Look at Her Other Jewellery

If your partner always wears small stones, then there may be a reason for that. Pay attention to the types of rings that she wears and then look for one that has a similar style and size stone. Very large stones can look out of place on incredibly thin and petite fingers, and if you want to surprise her with a ring that she will love, then you need to do your research and consider what she wears already.

Her Finger Width Matters

The shape and size of her fingers are going to play a huge role in how a ring looks on her hand and whether or not she is happy wearing it. Women with wider fingers can wear bolder rings and ones with larger stones. Look for diamond engagement rings in Brisbane that have wide bands and larger diamonds to make the most of her wider fingers. On the other hand, women who have thinner fingers won’t necessary be able to wear large stones as well. Very delicate hands will look weighed down by heavy stones and thick bands.

Consider Her Finger Length

Women with shorter fingers will appreciate rings that have narrow bands and stones in a rectangular shape, as these will automatically make her fingers look a lot longer. If your partner has longer fingers, then you will want to choose a thicker band to even out the length. Round diamonds or ones that are princess cut will look amazing, as will bolder styles, if she will appreciate something unique.

A lot goes into choosing the perfect engagement ring for your significant other. Because you want to make sure that the ring will complement her hand and that she will be happy wearing it, you need to really consider the shape of her hands and fingers. This will help you make a choice that she will be happy with for the rest of her life.