Purchasing a luxury watch can be an unpleasant experience if you don’t know how to get the right one. If you are new to buying luxury watches online, you will want to navigate effectively with retailers. You need to have plenty of knowledge in terms of picking the right one, understanding its features and knowing the alternative options. Here are some things you should know from the retailer to test their knowledge of their offerings:

Functionality of the Timepiece

A lot of watches just provide the time and usually the date. But some watches are built with more complicated features like calendars and chronographs. The retail should be able to explain to you how to use the watch, adjust the settings and how to avoid breaking it.

Release Date of the Watch

Watches tend to be updated frequently with improved features and models. And the newest watch in the market is expected to come with the highest price. Serious watch retailers should know when a certain timepiece hit their stores.

Inside Movement

You want to know the movement’s actual name instead of settling for automatic or quartz. Focus on asking about the name of the movement and its producer. If possible, try to ask more information about it. While you may not expect them to memorize all the details of their watches, they should be at least able to answer your questions with sense.

Practical Alternatives

The majority of watches like Movado watches are available in some kind of category. Thus, you can find alternatives for around the same price. Watches that do not have competition are the rare ones. Ask the retailer about the competition and what timepiece they can recommend at the same price that provides the same wearing experience.

Available of Service Centers

While watches today are often made durable to last a long life, they may still need to be serviced after some time. Some watches require just battery changes while others may have special service needs. And visits to a watchmaker can be costly so make sure you know the cost of a basic service for the watch you want to buy. Also, reputable watch retailers have dedicated service centers certified to service their watches, with technicians trained by luxury brands. It is important to have a dedicated after-sales team that will take care of issues.


Remember that each luxury brand only allows discounts up to a certain level to their customers. And the best deal is getting the highest discount. If the retailer gives you a discount that is too good to be true, then you may be getting yourself a knock-off watch. So make sure you avoid the big discounts and just enjoy the peace of mind of owning a risk-free luxury watch.